Love and Other Stuff

Today I woke up at around 8 AM for music history, checked the internet, and found out that R’s office may have been burned down (it was) at about 4 AM — since it was early, of course no one was there, so I had nothing to worry about. Thank goodness.

When I walked back to campus for a later class, I passed his jeep and was pretty excited — usually whenever I find his car on campus, I wanna leave a note on his windshield but I never get to because I usually don’t have paper. But this time, I had paper!

And this time, the university police had given him a ticket for parking!


Either way, left him a letter, put a dandelion on his car, and ran into him about.. ten minutes later. x) He found it pretty amusing though, given this:


I also found my recital dress for tomorrow :) Very exciting. Hung out with an old roommate for a while, which was surprisingly fun — we never got along when we lived together, but we had pretty good conversation outside of that. Huh.

After that, R and I hung out again, he took me to dairy queen and then we hung out at his house for a little bit before I decided to go back home and look over song lyrics (which I may or may not have done.) After I got in the jeep he picked me a little purple flower from his backyard as a surprise :) He’s the greatest.

Tonight’s cake-in-bed-wednesday!